Environment and nature


For a green and sustainable tourism when creating our "Eco-Gîtes"

Our "Eco-Gîtes" of the Offering have been created following an environmentally friendly approach in order to limit as much as possible the impact on the exceptional nature of the Périgord. In accordance with our values, we want to participate in sustainable tourism.

To do this, we have chosen wood as a noble and ecological material for the construction of our cottages. We have also chosen to build the foundations of these houses with local stone and not concrete and in the near future we also plan to collect rainwater.

In addition, for the visual comfort and well-being of all, our plots are very large and planted with trees in order to preserve areas of biodiversity thanks to very diversified tree, shrub and flower species. Weeding is manual or thermal and only if necessary (maintenance of roads and common areas), we do not use pesticides or herbicides.

We only use natural and/or organic cleaning products in our cottages and in all the structures of our site. We also practice selective waste sorting and invite our guests to do the same.

LPO Refuge

The Offering is committed to "The League for the Protection of Birds", our 3 ha of land serve as a refuge for animals from the countryside. We create conditions favourable to the installation of wild fauna and flora (manufacture of bird nesting boxes, an insect house as well as the installation with branches of shelters for hedgehogs, trees etc....).

All these animals can be observed on our property, so think of your binoculars and if you also want, you can create an LPO shelter at home!